“It’s so easy to make HUGE bubbles with a Far Out Bubble kit!”

How to mix Bubble solution

Directions - Empty an 8 fl.oz. bottle of the concentrated bubble solution into a bucket. Add 7 cups of water, gently stir until thoroughly mixed. Remove any foam from the surface. Any unused solution can be saved! Rinse off your wands with clean water after each use and then let them air dry. After you make your dilution, it’s best to use the solution within a few weeks.

How to make Giant Bubbles

Directions - Dip wick/string in the diluted bubble solution. Allow your wick/string to soak up the solution, takes a few minutes. Hold tips high in the air, have the breeze at your back. Slowly open the wand, spreading the two tips apart. Allow the breeze to blow the bubble outward…


How to create Round Giant Bubbles

Directions - Same as above, except open and close the two tips more frequently.



How to create a Giant Tube Bubble

Directions - Keep tips open for several seconds till desired size or wait until bubble pops.


Helpful Tips

Remember! - Make your movements slow and steady. If there is no breeze then just open the tips and move them through the air or you can slowly spin in a circle. If it is very breezy just open the tips a few inches and you’ll get a flurry of bubbles.

Weather plays an important role in making giant bubbles. The breeze is your friend, keep it at your back for best results.

Bubbles love humidity, the higher humidity the better.

They prefer shade rather than hot sunny conditions. Mornings and late afternoons are perfect times to take out the bubbles and play.